Town Elections • Town Meeting • Annual Reports

Town Elections

Town elections were held on Tuesday, March 13, 2018. Here are the results as reported by Town Clerk Debra Morrison:

There were 105 cast ballots with 1,016 on the checklist for a 11% turnout. This included 2 newly registered voters and 5 absentee voters.


Moderator — Catherine Schwenk — 92
Town Clerk / Tax Collector — Debra Morrison — 102
Treasurer — Dee Mitchell — 98
Selectman — Charles Moser — 90
Supervisor of the Checklist — Darrell Scott with 22 write-in votes
Library Trustee — Lynn McCann — 13 write-in votes
Trustee of Cemeteries — Robert Larochelle — 91
Trustee of Trust Funds (1 yr) — Patricia Young with 7 write-in votes
Trustee of Trust Funds (3 yr) — Constance Lacasse with 8 write-in votes


School Board Member — Jason Iannuzzo — 97
School District Treasurer — Susan Schulman — 98
Art. 2 — 98 Yes / 3 No
Art. 3 — 66 Yes / 36 No
Art. 4 — 81 Yes / 22 No
Art. 5 — 87 Yes / 16 No

Town Meeting

The annual Town Meeting is on Saturday, March 17, 2018. The meeting will be held Mason Elementary School and begins at 9 a.m.

The annual meeting will decide Articles 2-19, as listed in the 2018 town warrant.

Annual Reports

You may download the PDF file or pick up a hard copy at the Board of Selectmen’s office, the Town Clerk’s office, or Mason Public Library. Copies will also be available at the Town Hall during polling hours on Mar. 13.

Winter weather tips

Eversource, the energy service provider for the town of Mason, offers advice on preparing for storms and maintaining communication with them during power outages.

Storm preparedness

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Power outages

Eversource continually monitors weather conditions, and encourages residents to sign up for outage alerts. Eversource can deliver outage alerts to residents via email messages, text messages, and/or telephone calls. To create or update your alerts, go to the Eversource outage alerts page:

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