Roadside Cleanup through mid-May

It’s time for the Mason Roadside Cleanup, before the bugs come out! It can be done anytime from mid-April through mid-May. Choose the time that works for you, to clean up your favorite section of road.

Charlie Lanni of the Mason Conservation Commission is coordinating. The big blue bags are available at Charlie’s Auto, 575 Jackson Road, right outside the front of the garage, and on the porch of the Mann House in the center of town.

Please call Charlie at the shop 878-3637 to let him know where and when you can do your part of the cleanup. When you’re done, just leave the blue bags by the roadside for Mason’s Highway Crew to collect.

Many hands make light work! Many thanks!

Mason Conservation Commission

Town Meeting Results

The annual Town Meeting was on Saturday, March 18, 2017. Town Clerk Debra Morrison announced the following results:

There were 1,036 on the checklist with 70 voters attending resulting in a 7 percent turnout.

  • Article 2 – Highway Building Bond, carries (ballot vote: Yes – 59, No – 10)
  • Article 3 – Accept Reports, carries unanimously
  • Article 4 – Operating Budget, carries unanimously
  • Article 5 – Police Cruiser, carries unanimously
  • Article 6 – 250th Anniversary Celebration, carries unanimously
  • Article 7 – Paved Road Maintenance, carries unanimously
  • Article 8 – FD Airpacks, carries unanimously
  • Article 9 – Upgrading Communication System for FD, carries unanimously
  • Article 10 – Discontinue K9 Expendable Trust Fund, carries unanimously
  • Article 11 – Establish Mason Police Equitable Sharing Expendable Trust Fund, carries unanimously
  • Article 12 – Establish Police Supplemental Expendable Trust Fund, carries unanimously
  • Article 13 – Return Unused Funds to National Assoc. of Chiefs of Police, carries