Mason School Club Calendar Raffle

Mason School Club Calendar Raffle

From the Mason Elementary School Club:

Dear Mason Residents,

Each year the Mason Elementary School club holds fundraisers to earn money for the staff and students. Funds raised provide buses for field trips, support for after school programs, and allow for fun activities like School Spirit Week and Staff Appreciation Week.

This year we are holding a calendar raffle. Each $5 ticket gives the holder 30 chances to win a cash prize! Tickets will be sold during the month of March. Starting April 1st, a name will be drawn each day. The winner will receive either $25 or $50 in cash! Winners’ names go back in the pot so it’s possible to win $800 from your $5 contribution!

If you are interested in purchasing calendar raffle tickets or have any questions, please contact Kelly Iannuzzo at 878-4178 or Angela Leak at 486-6713 before March 27th or just ask your favorite Mason Elementary student! Tickets will also be available at this month’s Community Supper, Thursday March 12th.

Thanks for supporting our fabulous little school!

The Mason Elementary School Club