Voci Angelica Trio & special guests to perform “Feed the Need” concert Saturday in Mason

Voci Angelica Trio & special guests to perform “Feed the Need” concert Saturday in Mason

“Feed the Need” concert featuring the Voci Angelica Trio with special guests Decatur Creek
and Gerry Wile
Saturday June 20, 7:00pm
Mason Congregational Church, 33 Valley Rd., Mason
$5.00 donation graciously accepted; proceeds to St. Vincent de Paul.

Watch the Voci Angelica Trio on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxVenXZekw8

From the Living Room Coffee House:

Breaking with the usual tradition of an open mike coffeehouse, this evening will feature just two opening acts Folk singer Gerry Wile on guitar and trio Decatur Creek – followed by the featured performers, the Voci Angelica Trio.

Located In the quiet country town of Mason, New Hampshire, the Living Room Coffeehouse typically fills the Fellowship Hall of the Congregational Church with live local music. This performance will instead use the sanctuary of the church, for its beautiful acoustics and greater seating capacity, as well as its shared mission in the community.

The evening offers a true “meeting of the minds” between the Living Room Coffeehouse and Voci Angelica Trio.

The mission of the coffeehouse from the start has been to help build a healthy community, by offering a place for local musicians and performers to share their gifts with the community. For the past four of its seven years, the coffeehouse has passed donations on to the work of St. Vincent de Paul of Greenville, a local agency that supports programs to help people in the community who find themselves in need of a helping hand, whether for food, transportation, a utility bill, or just to make ends meet.

Voci Angelica Trio is more than a group of performing musicians. They have built on their members’ diverse ethnic backgrounds to create a musical mission – a humanitarian force promoting social justice and cultural understanding. “We believe that one of the best ways to pursue peace is to sing one another’s songs,” says trio member Jodi Hitzhusen. Meena Malik adds, “We see ourselves as musical ambassadors, using our performances to raise public awareness of diverse cultures and the issues they face.” From their website: “Re-imagining the boundaries of traditional folk music, Voci Angelica Trio’s riveting arrangements of global songs from every continent leave audiences mesmerized. Shimmering vocal harmonies intertwine with lush cello lines and vibrant percussion to create a musical fusion that transcends cultural divisions.”

For more information, go to: https://thelivingroomcoffeehouse.wordpress.com/