Reminder: Town Meeting on Saturday

The annual Town Meeting is on Saturday, Mar. 12, at 9am at Mason Elementary School.

Warrant articles 5-15 will be decided by Town Meeting.

  • Article 05: Operating Budget
    (See the summary of the proposed town budget for 2016.)
  • Article 06: Repair and Maintenance of Town’s paved roads*
  • Article 07: Pipeline related matters*
  • Article 08: Add to Police Cruiser Reserve Fund*
  • Article 09: Add to 250th Celebration Fund*
  • Article 10: Add to Fire Dept Building Fund*
  • Article 11: Purchase Airpacks for Fire Dept*
  • Article 12: NH Resolution to Get Big Money Out of Politics*
  • Article 13: Carbon Bottles for Fire Dept*
  • Article 14: Adopt Community Self-Governance Ordinance*
  • Article 15: IT Infrastructure Update*

*See the warrant for details.