Wilton Recycling Center announces sticker program

The following announcement is from the Town of Wilton, NH, which operates the Wilton Recycling Center and Transfer Station. Through a cooperative agreement involving numerous communities, Mason is a member town, and Mason residents are authorized to use the facility. Please note that the required stickers are free, and they must be placed on your vehicle by Jan. 1, 2017. Please read the announcement for details.

Information about the Wilton Recycling Center and Transfer Station sticker program

The Wilton Recycling Center and Transfer Station is enacting a “sticker program” to identify authorized users of the facility. The purpose is to restrict the facility to those that contribute to its financial operation. The Wilton Recycling Center and Transfer Station is owned and managed by the Town of Wilton. It has four other communities that form the co-op: Greenville, Lyndeborough, Mason, and Temple. The facility operates via funding from the five member towns through general taxation. The stickers will help to easily identify residents and businesses from the member towns that are authorized to use the facility.

Stickers are free of charge and may be picked up at the Recycling Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will be setting weekend dates as well in the near future. You will need your vehicle registration or proof of residency in a member town to receive your sticker. Up to two stickers per household will be permitted. All residents and businesses will be required to have a sticker on your vehicle by January 1, 2017.

As costs escalate and commodity prices plummet, we need your help in reducing costs by continuing to recycle. All recyclables have value that reduces the cost of operations. All non-recyclables have a disposal fee attached which increases the cost of waste disposal for all of us.

The Town of Wilton thanks you for your cooperation and looks forward to continuing to serve your waste disposal needs.