2017 Part 1 property tax bills to be mailed by June 1

An update from the Town Clerk & Tax Collector Debra Morrison:

2017 Part 1 tax bills will be in the mail by June 1 and this year you will see a new print format. Although still printed on 3-part paper, you will now tear off only the bottom portion and return it with your payment. The bills still contain all the information as on the previous format.

Past due amounts are also in larger type and more visible. Some tax dates of note are:

7/6 — Part 1 tax bills due
8/24 — 2016 Lien Execution
8/31 — 2014 Lien Year Deed Execution

Please call or email me if you have any questions and don’t forget to check the website www.nhtaxkiosk.com to view your tax and payment info.