News from the Town Clerk & Tax Collector

  • 2018 Part I tax bills will be in the mail on May 24 with a due date of July 5. (Residents can look up their tax bills by going to, clicking on Mason and searching by name, PID, etc. It is not interactive and you cannot pay bills online, but it shows everything that your tax bill shows, and you can print the information.)
  • The Town Clerk’s office will be closed on Wednesday, May 23, for a conference, and also on the last Saturday this month, May 26, for Memorial Day weekend. Please plan accordingly.
  • If you have not licensed your dog(s) for 2018, please do so now. Beginning June 1, a late fee of $1 per dog per month will begin and civil forfeitures will be issued mid-June. Please remember that this is the law to register your dog(s), not just the town looking for the fee.