Board Of Adjustment: Feb. 17 meeting cancelled

Zoning Board of Adjustment
Town Of Mason, NH
16 Darling Hill Road – Mann House
Mason, New Hampshire 03048
(603)878-2070, (603) 878-4892 fax

12 February 2021

Notice of Cancellation 

Notice is hereby given for the regularly scheduled meeting of the BOA on February17 2021 at 7:30pm at the Mann House is cancelled.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is March 17, 2021.

Connie Lacasse

Available online: Town of Mason property tax cards

Town of Mason property tax cards are available online.  The Assessing Internet Kiosk is interactive, and can be searched by Parcel ID, owner and/or address.

To view Town of Mason property tax cards, click the button below. The Assessing Internet Kiosk will open in a new browser tab. Then click Mason.

Assessing Internet Kiosk

For questions, contact the Board of Selectmen’s office.

This information has been added to the website under Town Directory > Assessing:

Voter information on town elections (Mar. 9, 2021)

Correction: The polling location is Mason Elementary School.

Town elections are on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Polls will be open at Mason Elementary School from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Ballot voting will decide the election of town officials (see the sample ballot), and the school budget (see the SAU 89 web site).

Voter registration

You may register to vote prior to election day or during polling hours.

Methods of voting

In-person voting

During polling hours, greeters at the Mason Elementary School entrance will allow voters into the building slowly, so as not to overwhelm the Ballot Clerks and maintain social distance. They will direct each voter to the proper station.

In-person voting without a face covering

For voters “unwilling or unable” to wear face coverings, greeter will direct them to a designated location. This is the procedure that will be followed:

  1. Tell the greeter you wish to vote without a face covering, and the greeter will direct you where to go.
  2. Give your photo ID to the person staffing the voting table who will check the alpha list to see if you are a registered voter. There will be a “runner” who will take your photo ID to the Ballot Clerk who will check you off on the check-in checklist and hand the runner your voting materials.
  3. The runner will bring back the voting materials and hand it to the person staffing the voting table who will hand it to the voter.
  4. The voter will fill out the ballot behind a privacy screen and hand the completed ballot to the person staffing the table where the ballot box is located, and the person will place it in the additional locked ballot box. By law (RSA 659:23), under no circumstances is the voter to place their ballot in the box themselves.

The table with the ballot box is required to be staffed at all times so that the ballot box is never unattended. The people who vote at this table are tracked on a separate list to see who and how many people vote this way. At the end of the evening, the ballot box will be taken to the Moderator, who will open it at the same time as the other ballot box(es). The list will go to the Town Clerk who will check off those who voted at this table on the check-out checklist. The check-in and check-out checklists must match at the end of the election.

The Secretary of State’s office requires accommodations in recognition of people’s voting preferences and in consideration of the pandemic.

Absentee Ballot Voting

To vote by absentee ballot:

  1. Use the Absentee Ballot Request Form (PDF) to request an absentee ballot. Complete the form, and deliver it to the Town Clerk’s office by mail, email (scanned copy), or fax. You can also deliver it in person during open hours for the Town Clerk’s office. (For more information, see the Town Clerk & Tax Collector’s General Information page.) When your request is approved, the Town Clerk will provide you with an official absentee ballot.
  2. Complete the absentee ballot, and submit it to the Town Clerk by Monday, Mar. 8. The Town Clerk’s office is open on Mar. 8 from 3-5pm. If someone other than the voter is returning the absentee ballot, that person must complete the absentee ballot return form.