Broadband Committee survey regarding fiber installation issues

The following is from the Mason Broadband Committee regarding fiber installation issues.

If you plan to purchase fiber service but haven’t scheduled your installation, please call Consolidated directly at 844-623-0332 after 8am Monday-Friday, then press 1 (“Calling back about Fiber in your area”) and speak with them directly to coordinate the order process.

To reach the Broadband Committee by email, send your message to:

Hello Mason,

With the start of the new year, a number of you have Installation dates that have come and gone, both with good and bad experiences. To make sure we’re pushing for solutions, we’ve created another survey gathering more specifics around install issues.

If you haven’t had any install issues, or haven’t had an installation or problem scheduling an installation, then there’s no need to fill out the form. But if you’re having issues, the details may help us find out what’s going on.

The Mason Broadband Committee (Mike, Lee, and Bill)

Information on pre-registering for fiber Internet service

The Broadband Committee met with Consolidated Communications on Nov. 19 regarding fiber Internet installation and service. (The recording is available here:

Consolidated Communications is asking residents to pre-register if you plan to utilize the new fiber service. Pre-registration does not commit you to purchase Internet service, but it helps Consolidated Communications plan for installations in Mason. After you pre-register, you will receive a confirmation email. Pricing, including bundle pricing, is still in progress, but final pricing might be lower than what is shown on the pre-registration page.

Pre-registration page:

Some other notes:

  • You will be able to request service starting December 15. (This is when you commit to purchase the service.) Installations should run December 30 through March 30.
  • If you do not have suitable poles or conduit, Consolidated Communications cannot do the installation. If you already have phone service on poles or through conduit you should be fine, but they will not run new poles or conduit for you as part of this.

If you have specific questions, contact the Broadband Committee:

Conduit specifications from Consolidation Communications

For residents interested in fiber Internet service, the Broadband Committee obtained conduit specifications from Consolidated Communications:

For general information on fiber Internet service from Consolidated Communications, including pre-registration, go to:

To contact the Mason Broadband Committee, see: