Conservation Commission: Mission

The Mason Conservation Commission is dedicated to the proper utilization and protection of Mason’s natural resources and to the protection of Mason’s watershed resources. To that end, we endorse and support the goals of the Mason Master Plan:

  • To recognize the value of natural resources in protecting our health, both physically and mentally, and the health of the environment as a whole.  In order to protect those natural resources we will invest in protecting large tracts of land for wildlife habitat and water quality.
  • To create an Open Space Plan to determine sensitive environmental areas and help guide public policy regarding development and conservation.
  • To undertake a comprehensive initiative designed to protect water resources and water supplies.
  • To encourage the use of conservation easements with willing landowners to protect high priority lands.
  • To work as a community to educate each other about land and limitations inherent in the land, such as soil types and depth to bedrock, and the impact that development has on land and water quality.