June 2016

On Jun. 7, 2016, residents voted to accept the amendment as proposed by the Board of Selectmen to the Town of Mason Planning and Zoning Ordinance of 1967, as follows:

Amend Article VIII, Paragraph A.2.c by adding at the end of said paragraph, after the close parenthesis and before the period the following:
“and seasonal outdoor entertainment use (limited to three (3) or less events per week from Memorial Day Weekend to and including Columbus Day Weekend, ending no later than eleven (11) PM holidays and weekends and ten (10) PM on weekdays).”

The following results were reported by Town Clerk, Deb Morrison:

  • Yes: 240
  • No: 165
  • 1 under vote

Article 1 passes.

There are 1,006 voters on the checklist with 22 newly registered voters.

406 ballots were cast for a 39% turnout.