Pipeline Project Information

This page lists content that pertains to the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline Project.

Sen. Ayotte petitions FERC chairman to dismiss NED application

U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte drafted a letter to the FERC Chair Norman Bay on May 6, 2016, in which she calls on him to dismiss the NED pipeline project application immediately.

Pipeline Coalition files motion to dismiss request with FERC

The NH Municipal Pipeline Coalition, which is comprised of numerous towns including Mason, filed a motion to dismiss request with FERC on May 3, 2016. It outlines all the reasons why FERC should dismiss the NED pipeline project application immediately.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company’s Water Quality Certification application

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company submitted a Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification application in November 2015. Under statute 91-A (“Right-to-Know”), the NH Municipal Pipeline Coalition received almost 5GB data for communications pertaining to this application. Mason resident Garth Fletcher formatted and organized these materials, and hosted them on his site (http://www.Mason-NH.org/NH_DES), so that you may access them online.

Notes on navigating the materials:

  • CWA water quality certification app.pdf – Application submitted to the NH DES.
  • NHDES_EMAIL_TXT_ALL.pdf – Contains the text,
    in calendar order, from all emails. Also lists attachments and their locations.
  • Email messages are organized into the follow directories:
    • EM_MSG/ – Contains original *.MSG (Microsoft Outlook message) files.
    • EM_EML/ – Contains email messages that have been converted to *.EML format with a date prefix.
    • EM_TXT/ – Contains raw text from the *.EML files. Related attachments are extracted into subfolders that have the same name as the email message.
    • DOCs/ – Contains *.PDF and *.DOC files.

Town of Mason’s Motion to Intervene filing

On Jan. 15, 2016, Town Counsel Carolyn Elefant prepared and submitted the Town of Mason’s Motion to Intervene to FERC. This filing requests that FERC grant the Town a motion to intervene in opposition to the proposed NED pipeline project, and also deny the NED application.

Pipeline Coalition’s scoping comments to FERC

On Oct. 15, 2015, the NH Municipal Pipeline Coalition submitted scoping comments to FERC.

Board of Selectmen’s official comments to FERC

On Oct. 15, 2015, the Mason Board of Selectmen submitted its official comments to FERC on the proposed NED and Fitchburg lateral pipeline.

Joint Letter from 35 Conservation Commissions to Gov. Hassan and FERC

In a letter to FERC and Governor Maggie Hassan, 35 conservation commissions oppose the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline.

Letters from Pipeline Coalition to Gov. Hassan, Sen. Ayotte and Rep. Guinta

The NH Municipal Pipeline Coalition, which is comprised of numerous towns including Mason, sent letters to Governor Maggie Hassan, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, and U.S. Representative Frank Guinta and requested meetings to discuss the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline proposal. These letters serve as a follow-up to previous correspondence in which the Coalition received no response.

To view these letters, go to: http://masonnh.us/wp-content/uploads/2ndNHDelegationLettersFromCoalition.pdf

Governor Hassan responded in a letter dated July 14, 2015: http://masonnh.us/wp-content/uploads/GovHassanResponseToPipelineCoalition_2015-07-14.pdf

Letter from Selectmen to the Pipeline Awareness Network for the Northeast

The Board of Selectmen sent a letter to the Pipeline Awareness Network for the Northeast, or PLAN-NE, and enclosed a contribution to the organization. A copy of the letter is available online: http://masonnh.us/wp-content/uploads/Selectmen_LetterToPLAN-NE_2015-06-23.pdf

Letter to FERC, request for scoping meeting

On Jun. 9, 2015, the Board of Selectmen sent a letter to FERC and requested a scoping meeting pertaining to the Northeast Energy Direct Project: http://masonnh.us/wp-content/uploads/Selectmen_LetterToFERC_2015-06-09.pdf

FERC responded in a letter dated July 10, 2105: http://masonnh.us/wp-content/uploads/FERCResponseToMasonSelectmen_2015-07-10.pdf

Letter to FERC from the Board of Selectmen

On Apr. 28, 2015, the Board of Selectmen sent a letter to FERC that reflects Mason residents’ overwhelming opposition to the Northeast Energy Direct Project: http://masonnh.us/wp-content/uploads/Selectmen_LetterToFERC_2015-04-28.pdf

Kinder Morgan’s pipeline presentation from Mar. 24

Kinder Morgan’s presentation on the Northeast Energy Direct Project, which was shown at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Mar. 24, 2015, is available here: http://masonnh.us/wp-content/uploads/KinderMorganPresentationToMasonNH_03242015.pdf (3.6MB)

Bob Dillberger’s Pipeline Presentation

For a copy of the slideshow presentation that Bob Dillberger made on Jan. 6, 2015, at the Board of Selectmen’s public hearing on the pipeline project click here: http://masonnh.us/wp-content/uploads/PipelineSlidesFromSelectmenPublicHearing_01062015.pdf

Documents Published by the Conservation Commission

Conservation Commission position statement
Minutes of pipeline special meeting 11/24/2014
Slides from Selectmen’s meeting on 1/6/2015

NRPC’s Pipeline Project Page

For more information, see the NRPC (Nashua Regional Planning Commission) pipeline project page: http://www.nashuarpc.org/hot-projects/project-pipeline/

What You Can Do

To convey your position on the pipeline proposal, contact Mason’s state and federal representatives: http://masonnh.us/wp-content/uploads/ContactYourReps_RevJan2015.pdf