Options for recycling VHS and cassette tapes

Options for recycling VHS and cassette tapes

From the Mason Public Library director:

Because it is spring cleaning time, people are trying to donate VHS and cassettes to libraries. Many libraries no longer have these materials in their collections. Many area recycling centers will not accept these materials. Some of the area libraries have shared the following information about donation locations.

  1. Goodwill and Savers stores have both accepted VHS tapes as donations.
  2. Libraries have used Greendisk. In other libraries where I have worked, they accepted up to 25 pounds of VHS for $9.95. Our transfer station cannot recycle them, so I would rather pay for disposal than have them used as landfill. Got Books and Big Hearted Books will not take them either.
  3. The CD Recycling of America organization has a branch in Salem, NH. You can deliver or mail, and they take both VHS tapes and cassettes. They also took a bunch of our security cases we were no longer using.

Thank you.

Mason PL Staff