Reminders from the Town Clerk about property taxes and dog licences

Just a reminder that taxes for 2015 Part I are due tomorrow, July 9. Any payments received with a postmark of July 9 will be credited on July 9. Interest will begin on July 10 at 12%. Please make sure you check with if you’re not sure if your bank has made your escrow payment or give me a call.

Lien notices for the tax year 2014 will be mailed out on July 23 with a lien date of August 27. After that, outstanding balances for tax year 2012 will be subject to deeding. If you have any questions or would like to make a payment arrangement, please let me know.

Dog civil forfeitures will be done next week, so if you aren’t sure if your dog has been licensed or not, please call. A civil forfeiture adds a fine of $25 per dog, plus $1 per dog per month late fee. We still have about 40 dogs that need to be licensed.

Thank you,