Public notice: Planning Board public hearing on Jan. 27

Notice of Public Hearing for Proposed Changes to the Town of Mason Planning Ordinance

Notice is hereby given in accordance with RSA 676:4 that the Mason Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at the Mann House located at 16 Darling Hill Road during a regular meeting to consider the following changes to the Mason Planning Ordinance:

  1. Planning Ordinance: Add Article XXII: Aquifer and Wellhead Protection Overlay District Ordinance to protect the quality and quantity of groundwater resources available for current and/or future drinking water supplies.
  2. Planning Ordinance: Add Article XXIII: Outdoor Lighting Ordinance to enhance public safety and welfare by providing for adequate and appropriate outdoor lighting, while preserving the natural dark skies.
  3. Planning Ordinance: Changes to Article IV, Section O to ensure consistency between the sign provisions and the newly proposed Article XXIII Outdoor Lighting Ordinance.
  4. Planning Ordinance: Changes to Article XIV Definitions, to add definitions for “Commercial” and “Industrial”.

The Planning Board meets the last Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM.

Full copies of the proposed amendments listed above are available for public review at the Selectmen’s Office during regular business hours. You may submit comments in person or in writing. Anyone needing assistance in attending these hearings should contact the Selectmen’s Office one week prior to the meeting.


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