Voting in the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 3

The General Election is Tuesday, November 3. Polling hours are 8 am to 7 pm at Mason Elementary School, 13 Darling Hill Rd.

A mask is required to enter the school. As you make your way down the hall and turn right to the multipurpose room, you’ll notice conveniently placed little blue squares with an M in them marking off 6′ for social distancing.

Inside the multipurpose room, a greeter will assist you and let you know when to proceed to the ballot clerk. Traffic will be one-way.

Those who are unwilling or unable to wear masks must go to the side of the school by the cafeteria. (Please do not enter the school at the front door.) Non-mask voting will occur in the cafeteria:

* Only one person will be allowed in at a time to vote.
* Please have your ID ready when the greeter opens the door.
* Hand your ID to the greeter and continue to wait outside.
* The greeter will take your ID to the ballot clerk, check you in and come back with your voting materials. At that time, you will be allowed in to vote.
* Hand your ballot back to Deputy Town Clerk Suzanne Kelly, who will put your ballot in the ballot box. By law, voters are NOT allowed to put their own ballots in the ballot box.

The Town of Mason and its residents thank Principal Kristen Kivela and the school staff for preparing the school for this important day.