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Bill Schongar, Chariman
Mike Judge
Lee Lemoine
Joe Havens (retired)


The purpose and mission of the Mason Broadband committee was identified with the goal to improve internet connectivity in Mason.


Check the calendar to confirm meeting dates and times. Minutes from previous meetings are posted on the Meeting Minutes page.


October 20, 2020 update:

Here are the updates regarding the fiber install (attached is the table of progress):
⁃Fast progress is being made all over town, and crews are still on schedule
⁃More than 100 households have already signed up for notifications
⁃An Informational session, showing equipment and answering questions live, is tentatively scheduled for November 19th from 6-8pm at the Mason Elementary School
⁃A number of questions asked by all of you, with both known and “Still waiting on more information” answers below
Recent Questions:
The following details are for specific questions asked by various people – they are not intended to be complete descriptions of any specific process, just bits of data.
Bundles. Final bundle pricing is still being defined, and any information received over the phone is not guaranteed.
-An update to the bundle information is due in the next week
Equipment details. Precise details on the make, model, and interior installation requirements (space, etc) will be part of the November informational session.
-You will be able to use your own wireless router with the service.
-You will want to purchase an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) if you plan to use the Voice bundle for the service; this is the battery backup that will allow phone service to keep working in case of a power outage.
Fees. We are waiting on a more detailed explanation of what costs are part of both of the fees (“Recovery” and “Wiring Assurance + Router”)–especially in scenarios where you choose to use your own router.
-We expect this additional clarification by the end of next week
Northern poles. In the North end of town there are still a few poles where details are being sorted out. In the meantime they are using older poles and leaving extra fiber to ensure they remain on schedule and can later update the poles where needed.
-Examples of this can be seen near Pullman Rd
Fiber routes. We have asked questions about where specific sections of town are “fed” from, in relation to fiber; specifically, if any areas are dependent on Class 6 Rds or other potential locations where access could be an issue if there is a winter storm.
Have questions that aren’t addressed above or in a previous update? Let us know!

October 15, 2020 update:

The page has:
-General information on Fiber internet and status
-Pricing information for Internet packages
-Bundle pricing coming in a week or two
-An “I’m interested” signup
-Helps them avoid missed addresses, it does not commit you to buying service
-The first version of a map showing service addresses
-Important details on map accuracy and content below
Fiber/Internet update: October 6, 2020
Extremely Important clarification on Conduit:
-After a question about Conduit was raised at last week’s meeting, we checked with Consolidated to see if Fiber can be run in the same conduit as electrical – the answer from their Engineering team is *No, they cannot run fiber in the same conduit as electrical*. We misspoke at the last meeting based on an early comment from our non-Engineering Consolidated contact. Very glad someone asked!
General updates:
Trucks, trucks, everywhere there’s trucks. Work has definitely begun across all four work areas (color-coded map coming later this week), and a table of progress is below. Pole-to-Pole wiring will be continuing for several weeks, then they’ll begin to connect all the fiber pieces to one another (splicing).
Pre-registration page should be up in the next 3 weeks. This will list prices, options, etc. We’re asking for a specific date currently, and hope to have that by next week’s update.
Informational meeting at School, Early Nov. We’re working out potential dates, but it would be no earlier than Nov 6, and no later than Nov 20.
Ongoing DSL issues. A check was done on the general infrastructure, and they do not see any town-wide single points of failure, so unfortunately each house will need to open an individual Trouble Ticket with Consolidated; as some folks have found, it can be loose wires, bees/wasp nests in the boxes (!) and other silly things. We’d hoped there was a wider, simpler fix but that does not appear to be the case.
As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and if we don’t know the answer we’ll make something up.. err, I mean, we’ll ask.