All Current Use property owners required to update town records

Every five years, the NH Dept of Revenue Administration conducts a review of all tax exemptions and credits given by each municipality. 2018 is the year for Mason’s review. Some of you have been contacted regarding other credits, and now it is time to update our Current Use records.

ALL CURRENT USE PROPERTY OWNERS whose files are incomplete or not updated within the last 5 years are being asked to update their information so that the Town can maintain compliance with the DRA regulations.

We appreciate your cooperation in this process, and if the BOS office can be of any help please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

Click here to download the PDF form for updating your town property records.

Board & committee members needed immediately

The town of Mason seeks members for the following:

  • Planning Board: Responsible for maintaining and updating the town’s Zoning, Subdivision, Site Plan, Master Plan and other associated documents.  Hears land owners’ development plans and ensuring that they meet the ordinances and regulations.
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment: Processes applications for special exceptions and/or variances from the zoning ordinance, and appeals from decisions of the Planning Board, Building Inspector, and Board of Selectmen.
  • Forestry Committee

If you are interested, please contact the Board of Selectmen’s office.