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Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline

Conservation Commission position statement
Minutes of pipeline special meeting 11/24/2014
Slides from Selectmen’s meeting on 1/6/2015

Botanical Report on the Mason Quarry Conservation Area

According to the report:

“In 2013, the New England Wild Flower Society conducted a botanical inventory of the Mason Quarry Conservation Area for the Town of Mason. The inventory covered the quarry parcel (E-26 and E-27), Downs Forest (E-36), Beck lot (E-38), Jefts lot (E-28), the Coyne Wildlife Sanctuary (E-22), plus two small triangular parcels East of the railroad tracks on Scripps Lane (Appendix A).

…This botanical report includes the results of the inventory, a discussion of the findings, visuals aides such as maps and photographs, and management recommendations for the Area.”

Click here (2.7MB) to download the botanical inventory report.

This project was made possible by a generous donation from Catherine Schwenk.

Natural Resources Inventory



Maps are formatted for printing at 30×36 inches at about 100 dpi, and contain images of around 3,000 x 3,600 pixels. You can print them at smaller sizes, but the smaller the size, the less detail you’ll be able to see. Larger maps formatted at 300 dpi are available. They are about 30-40 MB each. For more information, contact the Conservation Commission.

Additional Resources

Mason RR Trail Trestle Restoration Project at Jackson Road

  • 2013_RR_Trestle_Final_Report (.PDF 964 KB) Final report on the Mason RR Trail Jackson Road Trestle repair project, July 2013. The Commission was awarded a NH RTP grant which covered most of the cost.
  • 2013_BlackBrook_Knotweed_Control_Report (.PDF 480 KB) Report about Knotweed control work along the Mason RR Trail, July 2013. This work counted as part of the grant matching for the above trestle repair grant.