Town Hall Renovation Committee: General Information

Contact Information

For questions and matters pertaining to the Town Hall Renovation Committee, contact the Selectmen’s office.


James Dore, Chairperson

Rob Doyle, Note taker

Barbara DeVore

Pete McGinnity

Pam McGinnity

Connie Lacasse

Wally Brown

Ken Rafter

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Mason Town Hall Renovation Committee is to involve interested Mason residents in the process of restoration of the Mason Town Hall. This is an advisory committee to the Board of
Selectmen and does not carry decision making powers as it relates to expenditures, building design or contracts.

The primary function of the committee will be to provide fundraising ideas, attend and work fundraising events, provide input on interior & exterior design elements, research available state and federal Grants, grant writing and help coordinate construction calendars.

The committee may also be asked to research and provide recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for suitable contractors to perform work on the Mason Town Hall.

The committee will consist of a minimum of 4 Mason residents with a member of the Board of Selectmen in an advisory role. The committee will keep minutes of their meetings and provide Selectmen with regular updates.


Check the calendar to confirm meeting dates and times. Minutes from previous meetings are posted on the Meeting Minutes page.