Eversource Energy (formerly PSNH) provides service to all customers in Mason.

As a residential customer, you can purchase energy directly from Eversource Energy, or choose another energy supplier. The NH Public Utilities Commission, or “PUC”, oversees state-regulated utilities, and provides a list of companies that are registered to sell energy in New Hampshire.

Points of contact

Storm preparedness

Eversource has helpful information on how to prepare for storm-related emergencies before, during, and after storms: https://www.eversource.com/Content/nh/residential/outages/storm-preparedness


Residents commonly either use antennas or purchase service through satellite providers. Currently there are no cable TV providers that service Mason.


Residents have the following options for Internet connectivity:

  • DSL: Consolidated Communications offers DSL to some Mason residents. Contact Consolidated Communications for information.
  • Mobile broadband: Can be purchased from a cell phone service provider. Requires a mobile broadband-enabled device or card (for example, a mobile broadband card) and a subscription that provides you with Internet access. For more information on mobile broadband access plans, contact a cell phone service provider with coverage in Mason.
  • Satellite: Can be purchased from any satellite Internet service provider, and may be bundled with other satellite-based services.
  • Dialup

Broadband is not available in Mason at this time. If you have specific questions, contact the Board of Selectmen’s office.


Mason residents use private wells for their household water needs.

It is the well owner’s responsibility to ensure that drinking water is safe for consumption. The NH Department of Environmental Services provides information on testing to well owners: https://www.des.nh.gov/water/drinking-water/private-wells

If you have specific questions, contact the NHDES Drinking Water & Groundwater Bureau:

NHDES Drinking Water & Groundwater Bureau
29 Hazen Drive; PO Box 95
Concord, NH 03302-0095
(603) 271-2513
(603) 271- 5171 (fax)